I like social media. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m a social media junkie, but I definitely enjoy keeping up with friends, voyeuristically connecting with acquaintances and curating what I share with others. Facebook is my primary platform of choice, but I also use LinkedIn to showcase my CV. Pinterest isContinue reading “#IsThisHowWeDoIt?”

What exactly do you do?

Other than questions about how old my baby is, the most frequent thing I get asked is, “What do you do?” I generally assume that people mean “what do you do to make money” so I generally leave out the part about being a mom and cooking and raking leaves and reading books and playing peekaboo. IContinue reading “What exactly do you do?”

Fugitive at the Museum

Originally posted on The Pink Palace Family of Museums:
October 24, 1950, started as a normal day at the Memphis Museum. Visitors explored the galleries and looked at exhibits of animal heads, glass, documents and fossils. One of those afternoon visitors was James Eddington who made a trip to the museum as part of his…

Memphis Pink Palace Museum Murals – Memphis TN

In museum-related, crowd sourced history news, I submitted the Pink Palace’s PWAP murals done by Burton Callicott to UC Berkeley’s Living New Deal site. While you’re there, poke around and see the long reach and legacy of FDR’s federal programs: Memphis Pink Palace Museum Murals – Memphis TN. You can also read more about theContinue reading “Memphis Pink Palace Museum Murals – Memphis TN”