A year’s worth of books

By my rough count, I’ve read 63 books this year, not including the countless number of kids books I read aloud. It’s a respectable number–nowhere near my peak, but not too shabby when I take into account everything else that happened in 2015, which notably includes raising a toddler and growing a baby. Part of theContinue reading “A year’s worth of books”

Why my kid isn’t in the cry room

We’re a Catholic family, and we go to mass on Sundays. I love our church. It’s a good size, focused on social justice, has friendly people and loving priests, and good music. It also doesn’t really have a cry room. That’s right. I go to mass with a toddler in a church without a glassContinue reading “Why my kid isn’t in the cry room”

That time I made finger paint…

My kid loves to play with his food. Spaghetti, oatmeal, partially mashed peas–if he can smush it on his tray, he’s happy. I was home with him yesterday and decided that maybe it was time for him to try out his smearing skills with some paint. A very quick internet search led me to manyContinue reading “That time I made finger paint…”

Letting him eat dirt

Spotless. Pristine. Bored. These are not words I use to describe my son. Messy. Dirty. Inquisitive. These are the ones I am more apt to employ. Never have they been more justified then yesterday. We moved azaleas from my grandmother’s house to our front yard. They will get the sun they need, and the front of our houseContinue reading “Letting him eat dirt”