Here for a moment, at least

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here.

I write a lot, just not here. I contextualize history and science; I excavate past content and rework it in new formats; I edit others’ words. Right now, that’s my job. Check out the museum’s website if you’d like to see my handiwork. I’ve become adept at churning out content, at building the backlog I’ve been assigned. What I miss are my friends/coworkers, creating multidimensional exhibits, brainstorming and riffing in a room together, writing in between walking to people’s offices, wandering through the collection and finding inspiration. And still I write. In the moments between teaching my kids, adjudicating their fights, making snacks, and taking conference calls

I’ve been keeping a journal of this time of social distancing. It’s a scrapbook in the truest sense. I printed memes that moved me, sketched my CORVID-19 crows, pressed a 4-leaf clover from a walk with Louise. I write my anxieties and joys and things that I don’t want to share, just get out of my head.

What I haven’t done is write on this blog. Frankly, I forgot it existed. Maybe I’ll remember. At least, I’ll try.

Published by Caroline Mitchell Carrico

I am a writer, mom, and museum enthusiast in Memphis. Also a fan of reading all the words, cooking all the vegetables, and watching all my kids' soccer games.

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