I had forgotten. 

It’s true that the small things that happen everyday that I wanted to believe I would always remember with clarity fade. They get replaced with the new small things that I want to hold onto. 

I had forgotten the sheer joy that filled my heart when my baby cooed at me for the first time. I forgot until yesterday when my baby looked into my eyes and told me all about it. I sat on the couch and talked to her for minutes. She smiled and told me thoughts and waited for me to keep the conversation going. In those moments I got another glimpse at the person she is becoming. At the way her mind works and the personality rising to the surface. It made me tear up out of happiness. 

I am glad to have the opportunity to remember. 

Published by Caroline Mitchell Carrico

I am a writer, mom, and museum enthusiast in Memphis. Also a fan of reading all the words, cooking all the vegetables, and watching all my kids' soccer games.

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