Making peanut butter

My boy is teething. Hard core, in pain, teeth pushing through his gums. He is in a terrible mood, and very few things soothe him. 

My normal rock star eater suddenly doesn’t want anything. I made him spaghetti–normally his favorite–only to have it thrown on the floor. 

The only thing he will reliably eat when he gets like this is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Well, that and fruit. But since babies cannot live on fiber and fructose alone, PB&J it is today. 

Every April we try to avoid grocery shopping and eat through our pantry. Needless to say, it leads to some interesting meals. I’m not too proud to break with the plan and buy my hurting toddler some peanut butter; however, I had a jar of peanuts in the stockpile and was inspired by my friend Angela to try making my own. With a little help from the kitchn, I gave it a whirl. 

You can literally do it with a food processor, peanuts and five minutes, but I felt bad for my kid and made it creamy with some canola oil and sweet with honey. The only thing I’ll do differently next time is store it in a half pint jar. 

Maybe he’ll eat this meal.  

Published by Caroline Mitchell Carrico

I am a writer, mom, and museum enthusiast in Memphis. Also a fan of reading all the words, cooking all the vegetables, and watching all my kids' soccer games.

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