Some Short Lived Memphis Football Programs  

Memphis has had some horrible luck with professional football teams. You can read more about it on my latest post over at the Pink Palace blog:

The Pink Palace Family of Museums

Clarence Saunders’ Sole Owner Tigers  are not Memphis’s only defunct football program. In 1974, the Southmen came to town as part of the World Football League. The Southmen began as the Toronto Northmen; however, the Canadian Prime Minister was concerned about having American expansion teams compete with the Canadian Football League for viewers. He had a bill introduced which prohibited professional American football programs from playing in Canada. The team came to Memphis and changed their name to the Southmen, a name which most Memphians disliked. Fans called them the Grizzlies. The WFL collapsed in 1975 in the middle of the Grizzlies second season. The team owners pulled off a successful season ticket drive in an effort to convince the NFL to accept the Southmen as an expansion team. The NFL refused.

Showboats jacket

Memphis’s next professional football franchise was the Memphis Showboats, a team of the also short lived United States…

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