Our Collection by the Numbers

We have so many interesting things in our collection at the Pink Palace. Here’s a run down:

The Pink Palace Family of Museums

Pinewood Derby Car Pinewood Derby Car

Here at the Pink Palace we have a large permanent collection of artifacts related to the Mid-South’s cultural and natural history. Like all accredited museums, we have a collections policy that lays out our procedures and responsibilities for acquiring, protecting and using the objects in our care. One question that we are frequently asked is how many artifacts we have. The answer is an estimated 84,000 objects. Here’s a quick rundown of the categories:

Minerals, rocks and fossils44,536
Zoology, invertebrate6,092
Chipped stone, pottery, shell, bone2,956
Culinary equipment2,766
Medical equipment2,122
Zoology, vertebrate1,159
Recreational equipment1,072
Military equipment690
Advertising media646
Jewelry and token items454
Paintings, prints, etchings, murals373
Communication equipment313
Sculptures, pedestals, vases201
Musical items

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