Putting our money where our hearts are

Greg and I love Memphis. We actively choose to make this city our home. We didn’t land here by accident or decide to stay out of a misguided sense of anything. We are here for many reasons–family, friends, work, opportunities, and combinations of the aforementioned reasons that are only possible here.

Part of living here is seeing the potential for what might be. This place is full of movers and shakers, some of whom are dear friends of ours. There are people building up neighborhoods, tearing down stereotypes and teaching others all kinds of things about our shared experiences.

In Memphis, we can hike in an Old Forest in the middle of the city. We can garden our huge community garden plot. We can actively participate in CBU’s alumni association. We can push our preconceived boundaries, reimagine how we want to live and do something about it. We could design our lives anywhere we chose, but I feel empowered to do so here.

Because we love where we live, we are making a planned effort to give monetarily to the local causes we believe in. We can never do as much as we want, but we can put our money where our hearts are and contribute to making this home of ours the place we want it to be. I don’t think Memphis is perfect, but I do believe that it is the place where I want my family to grow. I love Memphis, and I want to make it better–one targeted donation and volunteer project at a time.

Published by Caroline Mitchell Carrico

I am a writer, mom, and museum enthusiast in Memphis. Also a fan of reading all the words, cooking all the vegetables, and watching all my kids' soccer games.

4 thoughts on “Putting our money where our hearts are

  1. I love the attitude expressed here. I feel sure that you and Greg, along with your friends, WILL help Memphis become a better place for all citizens.

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