Making peanut butter

My boy is teething. Hard core, in pain, teeth pushing through his gums. He is in a terrible mood, and very few things soothe him.  My normal rock star eater suddenly doesn’t want anything. I made him spaghetti–normally his favorite–only to have it thrown on the floor.  The only thing he will reliably eat whenContinue reading “Making peanut butter”

Some Short Lived Memphis Football Programs  

Originally posted on The Pink Palace Family of Museums:
Clarence Saunders’ Sole Owner Tigers  are not Memphis’s only defunct football program. In 1974, the Southmen came to town as part of the World Football League. The Southmen began as the Toronto Northmen; however, the Canadian Prime Minister was concerned about having American expansion teams compete…

Why my kid isn’t in the cry room

We’re a Catholic family, and we go to mass on Sundays. I love our church. It’s a good size, focused on social justice, has friendly people and loving priests, and good music. It also doesn’t really have a cry room. That’s right. I go to mass with a toddler in a church without a glassContinue reading “Why my kid isn’t in the cry room”

Spring in my Memphis gardens

Now that spring has finally decided to stick around, I am finding it hard to focus on much other than gardening. My new backyard garden is tilled, planted with sugar snap peas and hopefully poison ivy free. The very flimsy garden fence seems to be all the deterrent Zeb (the dog) needs to steer clear. TheContinue reading “Spring in my Memphis gardens”