Just don’t talk about my body

My body is mine. I know that other people can see it, but seeing is not ownership. Seeing what I look like and knowing what I think and feel are not linked. My body is not a topic for conversation. My body is not the most interesting thing about me, but it can do wonderfulContinue reading “Just don’t talk about my body”

A new garden plot

After some serious discussion and much internal debating, we decided not to get chickens like we had initially planned. Instead, we are going to use the back corner of our yard where we were going to put a coop as a kitchen garden. That area gets the most sun and is practically shaped so asContinue reading “A new garden plot”

2015 in Books, January

I started off 2015 by finishing up a few stragglers from 2014: Neverwhere: A Novel by Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors; I have yet to read one of his books that did not capture my imagination. Neverwhere is set in London Below, the underground city that parallels London Above along theContinue reading “2015 in Books, January”