Guest Post: “Summer Canning” by Caroline Carrico

Originally posted on memphismaverick:
It’s summer time in Memphis, which means that my house has seen us buying the air, grabbing a beer, and getting the water bath canner boiling. Four years ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make dill pickles. My Mema has always made what I consider to be the gold standard…

Pea production

We’ve hit the part of the summer where I spend my evenings watching tv and endlessly shelling peas. It’s about now when I start to wonder if I really want more peas in my freezer. Lady peas are great and all, but will I really, really want them in March? Then my stomach kicks inContinue reading “Pea production”

On the road again…

We have been traveling fools this summer. Two trips to New Orleans for weddings, two trips to Nashville to hang out with half of our family, a quick trip to Atlanta for me, a week in Kentucky at Camp Carrico, and, now, back to Nashville. This trip is impromptu–Greg’s cousin from Louisville has a varsityContinue reading “On the road again…”

Saint Mary’s Soup Kitchen

I have never once had to worry about having food. I’ve also never had to think about where I would be sleeping or how I would take my next shower. I have always had a home, a support network, and more food and clothes than I truly need. These are big things that I make aContinue reading “Saint Mary’s Soup Kitchen”

Fugitive at the Museum

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October 24, 1950, started as a normal day at the Memphis Museum. Visitors explored the galleries and looked at exhibits of animal heads, glass, documents and fossils. One of those afternoon visitors was James Eddington who made a trip to the museum as part of his…